When growing a small business, it’s important for customers to conveniently find you online. The easier it is to find a business on search engines like Google, the more credibility in the customer’s eye.

Through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a business’s web presence can end up ranking in the top three search results for a specific topic. This placement can help lead customers to your website and generate income in the background.

However, learning this skill can take a lot of time and effort. And running a small business doesn’t allow for much free time. Therefore, it can be beneficial for you to hire out a third-party SEO company. This way, you can focus on all the other aspects of your company’s growth.

How to Select the Best SEO Companies for Small Business

But how do you find the best SEO companies for small business? Here is some advice to guide you.


1 – You Don’t Need the “Best” of the Best

When you search for ‘Best SEO Companies for Small Business,’ hiring one of the top 3 ranking businesses on Google may be tempting. After all, if an SEO company does a good job with their own business’s SEO, the proof is in the pudding, right? Well, not necessarily.

In reality, most of the best companies operate off referrals and long-standing relationships. So, while searching for the “best” is a great place to start, you’ll want to dig deeper and not disregard lower-ranking SEO companies. Be sure to rely on testimonies more than their Google ranking (more on this below).

The same is true when it comes to price. More expensive does not mean better!

2 – Have a Budget

Figuring a reasonable budget before searching can help narrow down the crowded field. Those higher-ranked SEO companies likely charge fees too high for a small business. Some SEO companies or consultants charge lower fees at a flat rate per month. Others charge a percentage of the profits gained from their services.

If looking for a long-term partner in a firm, the percentage method may be ideal. They have a stake in your success.

3 – Research the Reviews

Whether for an SEO company or a restaurant, reviews and testimonials are great for setting expectations. While online reviews are helpful, the best trusted resources are other small businesses you know. Remember, the best SEO companies for small business rely on referrals. Ask the entrepreneurs you know who they use and like.

If you don’t know any other small business owners, you can find referrals on online forums instead.

4 – Companies that Specialize in What You Do

Google’s SEO algorithm is constantly evolving. SEO companies have to be on their toes and constantly adapt their marketing strategies. Given the complexity and tedious nature of this work, it helps that your SEO company fundamentally understands your particular industry.

As you research, see if an SEO company specializes in your industry. Your money will go further since they already have the expertise in your field.

5 – When In Doubt, Go Local

Sometimes face to face meetings are the best way to build rapport between SEO company and client. Plus, a local SEO company is better qualified to understand the community’s needs and direct them to your business.


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