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How important is graphic design to a website?

Simply put: it’s extremely important.  Graphic design is a major element to the development of a website.   It combines various elements like web page layout, typography, and imagery.  The graphic design of a site aims to provide your users with an easy-to-use and visually appealing website. 

Graphic designers will often work with several teams, such as marketers and writers, to collaborate on a website project.  A graphic designer’s role is to create an experience that will captivate customers in a specific industry.  Their design skills balance visual details and placements of creative elements, all while communicating solutions and ideas to site users.  The graphic design of a site will bring together technology and art to create a connection with visitors.

Key Elements of Graphic Design:  

Color – Color can serve as a background or be a supporting element to other components. It can help to emphasize shapes and fonts on texture. Combining color can create different moods and emotion in visual design. When used correctly, color can elicit an emotional and subconscious response from users.

Typography – Typography is the technique used to arrange text so it is readable and appealing.  It will unify the font with the text to communicate the right message.  Typography can mean different sizes, colors, as well as weights to communicate the right emphasis for a specific target audience.

Size – The sizing of creative elements is used to help indicate importance. A site with different sized designs will have visual interest.   The scale of different components in your design provides users with a focal point and helps guide users through the web experience.

How can graphic design help your website?

DJD Marketing works with clients to create unique graphic designs for each website that reflects our client’s branding and style of communication.  The graphic designs we produce are the creative soul of your site. They are thoughtfully designed to stimulate the senses and create a connection with the end user.  

At DJD Marketing, our graphic designs will help your website stand apart from the competition.  Here are just a few benefits of working with DJD for your graphic design project:

    • We will create a consistent brand experience on your site as well as across other web platforms such as social media.
    • The visual appeal of our graphic designs will add credibility to your site and resonate with your targeted users. 
    • Using graphic design techniques, our websites are user friendly and easy to navigate.  These aspects improve customer engagement throughout your website. 
    • Prepared with market segment research, we will deliver a graphic design that puts your customer first with anticipation of their needs.


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