Video Creation

Why do you need a video for your business or product?

If pictures are worth a thousand words, think of how much moving pictures are worth. 

As visual creatures, humans are attracted to motion… and not just because it looks pretty. Humans can actually process images far quicker and easier than text.

How much faster? 60,000 times faster!

A video allows your business to establish authority while putting a personal feel to your message. People buy from people. Video is one of the top shared pieces of content on social media

So, if you want to get your brand’s message, product, or service out there quicker and more effectively, you need a video!

Video is now a necessity, not a recommendation!


Benefits of a Video

Where do we begin? From improving visibility and conversion, boosting trust and loyalty, and increasing sales and SEO, a video can benefit your company across the board.

Reasons your brand or product needs a video:

  • Boost conversions and sales (lots of studies show a drastic increase!)
  • Reach more potential customers on social media (videos are shared more!)
  • Convey your message in less time (appeal to even the busiest or laziest of consumers!)
  • Stand out from your competition (most companies undervalue video marketing!)
  • Google loves video (boost your SEO!)
  • Appeal more to mobile users (they would rather watch than scroll!)
  • Great return on investment (impressive, long-lasting ROI!)
  • Build trust and purchase confidence (people believe what they see!)

Videos have flexible uses, too! You can post the same video on your website, product page, YouTube, and any social media platform. 

Depending on your message, you can also create an “evergreen” video that is relevant for years to come.

Types of Videos 

  • Promo Video
  • Product Video
  • Social Media Video
  • Content marketing Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Demo Video
  • Company Culture Video
  • Behind-the-scenes Video
  • Customer Testimonial Video
  • Case Study Video
  • Training Video

Why Choose DJD Marketing to Create Your Video?

There are video creation companies and there are SEO companies. And then there is DJD Marketing. 

At DJD Marketing, we are an all-in-one digital design and marketing company. So, we don’t just see your video, we see the whole picture. We see how to use a video to its fullest, not only on a project-scale but on a business-scale. 

We can also help integrate your video into a new or existing digital marketing strategy. Whether you want to use your video in your website design, for content marketing, in Pay Per Click Campaigns, on social media, or all of the above, DJD Marketing can do it!

Best of all, we work with your budget to bring you the most value. Contact us for a no-pressure consultation to discuss all of your options.  



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