Website Analytics

Website Analytics gives you the insights and data you need to grow your business by improving your user experience. When visitors use your site, you can capture their data and track their behavior, which helps you identify weak and strong points of your website. These key conversion metrics can then be used to optimize your website for different goals, such as increased customer conversion and product sales.

What Does Website Analytics Show You?

Web analytics are usually displayed in a custom dashboard that shows target data about aspects of your website and your visitors. The web analytics can include a wide range of data, but the most common are:

  • number of visits and unique visits
  • geographic location of visitor
  • type of device visitor is using (desktop vs. mobile)
  • frequency of visits to each web page
  • time on page
  • bounce rate

Web analytics can also collect campaign data, such as which campaigns and what type of campaigns drive the most traffic to your website. 

Using Website Analytics to Grow Your Business

The first step to growing your business is identifying what is holding you back. Web Analytics is a key step in identifying your weakness and your strengths, so you can improve on the former and capitalize on the latter. Even the smallest change can make a big difference on the effectiveness of your website and campaigns. By consistently tracking data, you can always discover room for improvement and adjust to the ever-changing markets. 

Website Analytics Development & Management

DJD Marketing can create and manage a web analytics dashboard to capture and translate useful data. With this data, we can help you formulate a plan and implement changes to grow your business. By using information that’s at your fingertips, you can gain the upper hand over the competition.  Contact us today to learn more.


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