Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is invaluable when it comes to building and maintaining a customer base. People rely on email so heavily that studies have shown users check their inbox as much as 15 times a day. People’s use of social media fluctuates, but they steadily use email as a main source of information and mode of communication. 

This is exactly why email marketing needs to be included in your company’s digital marketing strategy.  Email marketing offers your business many benefits.  

Increase loyalty- Customers rely on emails to learn more about your business and services.  Email is an efficient way to keep your customers informed on industry news or new products.

Cost effective- Email marketing has a high ROI with a relatively low cost to send and high conversion when compared to traditional print marketing.

Personalization- Each email you send can be personalized to the recipient.  This offers businesses the ability to “speak” to customer segments differently.

Reliable connection- Customers rarely change their email addresses. You’ll never lose track of customers because they moved, changed phone services, or left social media.

At DJD Marketing, we deliver successful email marketing campaigns for our clients.  Similar to the process we take on developing websites, we work directly with each client to understand their business objective.  Our email marketing services include:

  • Building an email marketing list relevant to the business
  • Managing contact lists for accuracy of addresses 
  • Developing an email marketing plan cadence  
  • Creating email content with clear calls to action 
  • Monitoring the delivery, open, and click rates
  • Adjusting the strategy based on real-time analytics 

We look forward to creating an email marketing strategy that engages your loyal customers and generates leads for prospective customers.  Reach out to DJD Marketing today and we can start developing a custom email marketing plan for your company.


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