Where do most people look for the goods or services they need? Online! That means social media campaigns are hugely important when it comes to reaching your business goals. Not only can it attract new customers from your target market, but it can also help retain the customers you already have.

Having a social media strategy for your business is not just for the big companies anymore. Even small business owners need a strong social media presence and action plan to attract new customers.

How to Manage Your Company’s Social Media

There are seven main ways to manage your company’s social media.

Understand Your Brand

Having brand awareness is key to your business’s success. All team members in every department must understand the brand. That way, everyone from customer service personnel to graphic designers know exactly what the business is selling and how it is selling it. Whether you have a new business or own large or small businesses, utilizing social networks is your best option to take your company to the next level.

Define and Engage Your Target Audience

You need to know exactly who your target audience is. You can’t just say “women in their thirties” or “people who like to work out.” You need to dig much deeper than that. To define your audience, create an ideal customer avatar representing their lifestyle, motivations, and more. By doing so, you’ll better understand where to find them and how to engage with them.

Create Accounts on Multiple Platforms

While having a Facebook page is great, one of the best ways to increase your online presence is to create different social media accounts on multiple platforms. One good reason to have various social media platforms is to reach potential new clientele no matter what platform they use. Not everyone uses Twitter, but they may be on Instagram.

Set Measurable Goals

A good game plan to gauge how well your social media channels are working is to set up some measurable goals. Use the SMART goal method to set your goals:

  • Specific: Define your goal
  • Measurable: Use social media analytics to track the goal you set
  • Achievable: Be sure to set goals that match your resources
  • Realistic: Set a goal that you and your company is able to achieve
  • Time-Sensitive: Set a time frame to reach your goal

Create High-Quality Content

Create high-quality content for your webpage and all social media accounts. Don’t just try to sell to them! Share interesting blog posts and other valuable content your audience would be interested in, even if it doesn’t directly benefit you. Include content marketing by seamlessly including your product or service in the social media content you provide.

You can consider putting in video content to advertise your product or service. Customers love watching videos!

Analyze Social Media Metrics

To see if your social media plan is working and creating new opportunities to expand your customer base, analyze the social media metrics. You can see if you have increased traffic on your website and tell which posts or content areas attracted that traffic. Then use that information to expand on what’s working and stop what’s not working.

Develop Targeted Advertisements

Using your social media metrics and knowing who your target audience is will help you develop targeted advertisements. You want to create ads that speak to your potential customers. Again, the better you understand your avatar, the better you’ll know how to hook them. Learn how to target your audience using hooks like:

  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
  • Mystery and Curiosity
  • Pain and Benefit
  • Humor
  • and more

Social Media Management Agency

Are you ready to develop your social media plan? Instead of diverting your time and resources in-house, you can hire an agency to manage everything for you. DJD Marketing is a highly-qualified social media managing agency that can get you the attention you need. Contact Us today to see how we can help you!

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