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Why do companies need a website?

We are living in the Digital Age where information is widely shared and easily accessible through computers. As technology continues to evolve, B2B companies need to stay focused on the needs of their customer andmaintain a competitive digital presence.  Forrester Marketing, a leading market research company, predicts that by 2023 US B2B eCommerce will reach $1.8 trillion.  If you are looking to build brand awareness around your business’s products and service, your company website is the ideal starting point.

Web design takes time and patience but the benefits have along-term impact on your business.   Whether you are considering creating a new website or revamping an existing one, there are many ways a digital experience is important to your business.  Thinkofyour website as a silent salesperson working on your behalf.


Your website works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With a website, potential customers from different time zones or different continents can find your company in search engines.  Customers can quickly find information about your products or services.


An effective digital presence will help your company become an authority in your industry.   Providing content that is professional and informative will build trust with your customers.  Web design that includes images and videos gives customers a virtual glance into your business.

First Impression

Your website may very well be the first-time customers encounter your company.   With a website designed uniquely for your company, you have control over setting the right first impression with prospective customers.  A great first web design impression will also leave a lasting impression.

Why use DJD Marketing for web design?

Companies choose to work with a digital marketing service for a variety of reasons.  By leveraging digital experts, companies can remain focused on their day to day operations.  Digital marketing companies are knowledgeable about the intricacies around website development.  Often times companies underestimate the steps necessary for creating a website.   Agencies are more efficient on planning, designing, developing, and launching a website.  At DJD Marketing we partner with our clients through every step in the web design process.


The first step in web design is to identify the objective.   Companies need to have a clear understanding what they want their website to accomplish.  Understanding these goals will help us deliver the right website strategy to achieve the company’s objective.  At DJD Marketing we often start our planning phase asking our clients questions like:

  • Who is your target customer?
  • What is important to your existing customers?
  • What differentiates your product or service?
  • What sites do you consider as your competitors?

Designing & Developing

After the planning phase, the profile of the website can start to take shape.  With the wide variety of devices, it’s imperative the website is built with a responsive design.  Having a responsive site allows users to access your site whether they are on a desktop or a smartphone.  The consultants at DJD Marketingare skilled at designing websites that are optimized for readability and navigation.  We have experience using website platforms such as WordPress and WIX to architect digital components such enhanced content that describes your business and services, professional imagery, and blog or industry news.

We listen to our clients’ needs and will target a web design that fits their business and their budget.   DJD Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that can offer more than just website development.   After the site has launched, DJD Marketing can help with driving traffic to new site through digital marketing campaigns.   We have over 20 years of experience helping our clients achieve success in this Digital Age.   Contact us today to create a web design strategy unique to your business!

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